Rockin I Ranch

August 2017 Cattle Drive

We started our cattle drive on Wednesday, August 17, and finished late Sunday, August 20.  We did a blood draw and palpated all breeding cows and we measured and gave three shots to all the cattle.  We also branded lots of little babies and banded several bulls for ropers.  We were excited to have a few heavy bred cows and used the opportunity to teach Daphne, Mackenzie, Nate, Mikala, Oscar and Cladi how to palpate and they got to feel tiny hooves and mouths.  We worked close to 300 head of cattle in the hot Texas heat with little to no breaks, except Nichole’s wrist!!  We also weened about 20 calves (we let the mommas out to pasture right outside Nichole’s bedroom window, so needless to say, she didn’t get much sleep those nights…hahaha).  We worked most days with a novice crew of four, who learned very quickly.  A couple of the days we had a seven man crew, including the matriarch of Rockin I, Nancy Ince.  She got to work and laugh along with us, got her hands a little dirty and, according to her, had a great time. Nichole was the leader of the pack, making sure everything was done correctly and safely.  Her knowledge of each animal and their personality in the chutes was amazing.   Nate learned to brand and loved it!  Oscar and Charlie became professionals at working the cattle in the chutes and were quick on their feet when a problem would arise.  We were lucky enough to post live on the hired hands website, thanks to Mackenzie, the measurements and funny photos from our “Photo Chute” for each animal.  Daphne kept us on our toes, she was in charge of keeping up with the data for each animal.  We were blessed to have such a great bunch working this cattle drive.  See you in six months!!